About LandSpeed Development

Thanks for visiting our site. My name is Brett Land and I am the owner of LandSpeed Development LLC. I have been porting cylinder heads and developing ports for the last 20 years. I got my start at Hughes Engines near my home town in Washington, IL when I was 16 years old. After several years there, I attended Illinois Central College where I earned my Associates Degree in Engine Power Technologies. In late 2001, I moved to Houston, TX to attend the School of Automotive Machinist (this is where my interest in the LSX market started). By late 2002 I was employed by Katech in Clinton Township, MI (Detroit Area) as Head of Cylinder Head Design. While at Katech I was a part of many development projects for GM, including the development of the C6 ZO6 427 ci 7.0L cylinder heads, the first LS based V-16 cylinder Cadillac (Sixteen Concept) engine, several 24 hour of LeMans C5 and C6 victories as well as championships and with the SCCA Cadillac CTS-V Road Race Series that also won several driver and manufacture championships, including a 1-2 finish in there debut at Sebring. I can not say enough good things about Katech from the top to the bottom. This company employs great, quality people that make quality parts and engines that last!

My last stop was Brownsburg, In in 2006 where I was employed by Don Schumacher Racing (DSR) with the Pro Stock Motorcycle and Pro Stock Car teams. It was during this time in Brownsburg I started to lay the ground work for my own business, which by 2009, became LandSpeed Development LLC. Currently our new shop is located in Brownsburg, Indiana on the west side of Indianapolis.  The bottom line is this: I have invested over half of my life to making horsepower by improving air flow but more importantly, improving the overall efficiency of those intake and exhaust ports.  I am still learning more each year on ways to improve them and that is what keeps this line of work interesting. You never stop learning!

  • 20 years of cylinder head development and porting experience     (14 years of LSX cylinder  experience) 
  • Associates Degree in Engine Power Technologies East Peoria, IL
  • (S.A.M) School of Automotive Machinist Graduate Houston, TX
  • Mondello Advanced Cylinder Head Design Graduate Paso Robles, CA
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